Fair and Lovely

The world’s first fairness cream was developed in 1975. A Hindustan Unilever’s skin-care product, Fair and Lovely is the leading skin-lightening cream for women in India. The brand promises to make your complexion fairer over a period of six weeks. Of late, the range of products under the brand include- Ayurvedic Fairness cream, Anti-Marks cream, Oil control Fairness Gel cream, Fairness soap and in men’s range- Fair and lovely Menz Active.
In a country like India, fairness is considered as a parameter to measure beauty. Fair and Lovely brand has used this consumer psychology in an effective manner as its marketing strategy to promote its brand.

fair and lovely marketing strategy
Fair and Lovely Promises you to become fairer in six weeks

The target segment for the brand is middle class women who want fairer skin. Therefore, the message conveyed in the ads shows women using Fair and Lovely become fairer and get ahead in life by attracting men and jobs. It has been reported that, 250 million consumers across the globe strongly connect with Fair and Lovely as a brand that stands for a belief that, “beauty (means fairness) empowers a woman to change her destiny”.
Now this is the case where marketing raises a serious question about ethics and morality. Question arises that if fairness as a measure of beauty and success of a woman should be promoted or not? In fact, Hindustan Unilever in the year 2007 was forced to withdraw a television advertisement in which a dark complexioned, depressed girl was being ignored by their employers and men and she suddenly a change in her life with success in career and personal life, thanks to a cream that had lightened her skin.
Nonetheless, the INR 1,000 crore brand is the market leader with 53% market share in this era of increasing competition. Fair and Lovely launched the new men’s range in its fairness product but it faces a stiff competition from its main competitor Emami which launched the new Fair and Handsome (in the men’s segment) using Shahrukh Khan to promote their product. Some of its other competitors are- Fairever, Fairglow, Vicco, Garnier, etc.

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