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Defining ADWORDS

Adwords is not just a basic term but refers to a democratic institution where you find keywords you want to bid for, compete in real time auction with others and the highest bidder gets to display advertisements.

According to Google’s small business guide for ad words, paid search advertising is a great boon for small and midsized businesses, because unlike other forms of advertising there is no fixed investment or minimum amount spent. Adwords and other forms of paid advertisings can fit in your available budget and help you get complete control of your advertising budget.

Designing a successful Adwords campaign with DigitalImpulse involves three comprehensive steps –

1) Preparation of the campaign

Preliminary steps while starting with an Adwords campaign involves determining your Adwords objectives. This step involves preparing a broad overview of Adwords and working on an Adwords account structure. Extensive research is involved in calculating your maximum bid price and calculating you’re basic and advance key word lists.

2) Setting up an Ad word Account

After doing a feasibility study for your Adwords needs, sign up for your Adwords account. Next, move on setting up your Adwords campaign details. The second step is crucial step as here you need to write killer Adwords ADs for your campaign!

3) Optimizing on your Adwords account

Once you have designed and implemented your Adwords campaign one needs to optimize your Adwords account to get maximum return on investment. The main objective of your optimization campaign should be getting a high Google quality score. This step is all about increasing your pay per click rates and lowering your minimum bids.

Advertising your business with Google Adwords

Google Adwords has revolutionized the way marketing is done online! If you are looking for a great way to get more traffic for your website instantly and effectively, Google Adwords is the answer. Google Adwords are extremely easy to use and effective traffic generating platform for your web space. Google Adwords delivers advertisement either when a customer searches for specific keywords on Google home page or a web developer’s website that offers information that is relevant to your ad keywords.

The most crucial benefit of Google Adwords programme is its cost effectiveness. Google Adword is extremely affordable as little as $.05 per online visitor.



Importance of Google Quality Score in 2013


In 2013, if your digital advertising campaign has a quality score of 10, your business can save estimated 50% on the cost of each click. Quality score is extremely important as it is determinal to the success of you Adwords campaign. Quality scores determine how much you pay for your advertising on Google and how much exposure you get.

According to Google, there are two types of quality scores. Search quality network quality score is different from content network quality score. Also there are different quality scores for setting minimum bids and ranking ads for content network, quality score and the maximum cost-per-click determine the ad rank on content page. For search, quality scores, along with maximum cost oer click determines ad ranks and determines promotion to top of page.

Determining Click through rate for your ads and keywords is the single largest factor in determining quality score. The important thing to remember is that Click through rate is normalized to your position so your CTR is judges good or bad for quality score reasons based on your performance of your advertisements.

With DigitalImpulse Adwords campaign you can effectively raise your quality score by improving on your high quality scores. With DigitalImpulse Adwords campaign our experts help you bid on branded keywords to get on an average Click through rates between 30% and 80%. This creates a tremendous uplift in your keyword quality score.

Besides at DigitalImpulse we understand the importance of being active and taking quick actions on all advertising calls to optimize on your Google quality score.

Maximizing your return on Investment through DigitalImpulse Ad words campaign involves following five steps –

Selecting highly specific list of keywords

In order to get great returns from your search engines, narrow down on specific topics that your website is all about. The visitors should be specifically interested in what you have on offer through your address.

It always beneficial to use search phrases with at-least 2000-5000 monthly services as less than 1 percent of search leads to clicks and anything less than that would not lead to good search traffic.

Using the keywords in the first line of your ads

Google reads the mind of the researcher through the keyword they select. Hence users are telling you what they are most interested in through their Google search habits. You should mirror back the subject of your webpage by reflecting those keywords in your digital ads.

Use the keyword again in ad-specific landing pages

For any successful ad-word of pay per click campaign must have a great landing page. Advertisers pay heavily in advertisements but link the page to a home page and then leads do-not get converted into sales. Web users are fast to look for relevant content in a page and do-not spend excess of time on a website unless they find a page to be highly relevant.

Capitalize on First letter of every word in your copy

Capitalizing relevant words in your online ad leads to improved readability and higher click through rates.

Do not always run after the #1 spot

The order in which advertisements are displayed determines how much each advertiser bids for the key-phrase. Digital advertisers run after number one position and measure the success of a page only through high ranking on search engines.

However the marketing truth remains that while ads appearing first have the highest click-through rates, they are often the last would that are converted.

Hence instead of spending your entire marketing budget on advertisements that cause higher clicks and no conversions, it is essential to have an intellectual ad word campaign.

If you’re a business house looking for bottom line growth through new leads, advertise now with DigitalImpulse Adwords Management services!

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