Internet can do more to your business than you think

Impact of internet on global business

With the advent of internet and World Wide Web, the world has turned into a global village. Internet is not just a source of entertainment and information now-a-days, it is a jukebox to connect, trade and shop. It seems to have captivated our culture. Articles about the Internet can be found everywhere, from the Wall Street Journal to cooking magazines, and in every conceivable medium. Hence, if you wish to see your business flourish you need to have a strong bonding with internet.

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With more people getting interested in internet, it has become one of the most influential and popular media. Hence internet is one of the best ways to advertise your products. Advertising products on popular social networking sites is a common trend. Facebook here plays an important role in business enhancement as you can very easily post your product add here. Advertising on internet is also great because you can showcase all your products with a brief description of each and every item and price tags attached to them. It is cost saving as you need not have all the products in reality in your store. You can just give a virtual example of all the products that you may have in your store and can gradually gather them based on the demand. Thus, it is a great way to apply just in time methodology in your business, you only manufacture or collect product when the same is demanded by the customers.

It is cost saving because you need not employ too many people to look after your business and attend the customers. Customers can get an online demo of your products and can order online as well.  Internet saves your money in the way that you need not hire a huge space for setting up your shop. As most of the transactions happen online and fewer employees are hired, you can just engage some free space available at your home and start your business. Thus internet makes business ideas more affordable.

Internet is an all time companion, be at home, office or on the way. Hence, if your business is available on internet, it is more likely that you will get more customers. Customers with a hectic schedule often prefer to shop online than hopping from one shop to another to choose their product. Hence, an online store is a basic necessity for your business. If you are providing some online services like website designing, you may get international clients as well. Thus internet helps you to get more customers from different corners of the society.

Besides attracting customers, it is a great tool for safe and organized data management. Various data management tools are available on internet which can maintain your accounts and give you a detailed profit and loss analysis of your business that you have incurred over the years.

Internet not only helps you to reduce cost and increase profit. It also accomplishes your corporate social responsibility. Advertising your products on internet prevents you from printing, online payment is followed by e-bills hence reducing number of hardcopy cash memos, thereby saving paper.

Moreover, you can get better customer feedback via internet. Face to face interactions may prevent customers from expressing their dissatisfaction. But satisfaction and dissatisfaction both will be much expressive and vivid online. Moreover, as customers need not be in long queues or keep waiting on telephone lines they are more satisfied in online shopping.

If you are a multi national company with offices scattered world wide, internet is the best solution to reduce your expenses. Audio and video conferences save lot of money by saving the cost of transportation. It is time saving as well. Any important update can be floated in very less time to many people with the use of internet. Hence employees can be kept updated and all the employees on the globe can be on the same page.

Employees Interacting via Video Conference
Employees Interacting via Video Conference

Internet in the light of Indian business

Speaking in context of India, internet has revolutionized the business class. The majority of Indian population resides in remote villages where the primary occupation or business is agriculture. People engaged in this occupation are often fooled by the traders, middleman and moneylenders. The farmers are not aware of the market price of their crops and they sale the yield at very nominal prices. Internet has created a growing desire among people in rural India to be part of the modernization process.

Indian Farmers Checking market rate of their produce
Indian Farmers Checking market rate of their produce

“India is a country which has more than 600,000 villages and connecting these areas with internet broadband will have a paradigm shift,” says Sachin Pilot, the minister of state for communications and information technology. The success story of internet in rural India was when through optical fiber networks, the government connected Kanpura village to broadband internet. The village computer terminals are free of cost and help farmers to negotiate better prices at the local market.
In digital India, some big names are Just Dial, BharatMatrimony, HomeShop18 and These businesses have flourished due to internet and stands as inspirations for business groups who aspire to grow big via internet.
Just Dial is a voice and web based information portal that has become an essential part of hectic metro life. It provides local search services over the Phone, Web, Mobile and SMS. The mobile platform of Just dial permits location-based search service that provides details of businesses in and around the user’s location. Just dial make persons to know the particular thing. Just dial Android application was introduced by the company in 2011. The Android users can search for latest movies, restaurants and more by using this application. It also pinpoints the current location of the user through the phones in built GPS, which in turn provides the users with mapping and navigation features. Businessmen can also add their listings into the Just dial database through this application.
Though Bharat matrimony has offices located at various parts of Indian cities, the lifeline of this organization is internet. From uniting people in matrimony, BharatMatrimony has evolved into one of the Leading Internet Groups in India. The vision of the group is to be a dominant brand for Consumer Services through Internet and Mobile in India.
HomeShop18 is the pathfinder of the new generation shopping. It is a virtual shop where people can explore a retail store from the ease of home. It provides us with the facility of online payment and free home delivery service.

Last but not the least we have It came up with an online network to sort out the travel related hassles. Gone are those days when we need to stand in long queues to reserve tickets. It is the largest Online Bus Ticket Agent in India. RedBus has crossed the one-crore (10 Million) mark in the number of tickets sold in July 2012. It has over 2 million registered users and is rapidly approaching the $200 million GMV (gross merchandize value) mark.

Thus Internet is your true business partner if you want to gain comparative advantage over your competitors and establish yourself as a smart business person in smart India.

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