Surf Excel Marketing Strategy

If you want to know Surf Excel marketing strategy you should once go through the era before Surf Excel started its campaign. Detergent marketing was considered as boring and dull. Surf excel marketing strategy was not only unique and innovative but simple enough to understood by average educated (or sometimes not educated at all) housewives in India. Here we are giving a brief overview of Surf Excel marketing strategy.

SURF EXCEL – “Daag Ache Hain”. The brand was one of the oldest detergent powder in India launched in 1959.

Surf Excel marketing strategy initially was focused towards positioning itself as a brand which gives value for money. In one of the early advertisements, a woman asks the audiences that “Surf Excel ki Kharidari Mein hi Samajhdari hai”. This line struck a chord with value conscious Indian housewives and this campaign helped made Surf Excel a household name.

Surf Excel has always tried to create a differentiation strategy for its brand. In the year 2002, a detergent powder designed especially for washing machines was launched as Surf Excel Matic. It even came in two variants- Front Load and Top Load. Gentle Wash and Surf Excel Bar are two other major products of the brand.

Surf Excel Marketing Strategy
Surf Excel Marketing Strategy

Surf Excel underwent various changes in its brand communication with the entry of various local/ national and global brands. This was in line with the global communication as “Dirt is Good” ad which became a famous punchline and helped Surf Excel create a niche on its own and today it leads the Premium Fabric Wash category in India.

The “Dirt is Good” or “Daag Ache Hain” campaign began with the famous puddle war commercial, where a brother was shown taking revenge on a mud pool for spoiling his sister’s clothes. The latest campaign is a continuation of the same philosophy and encourages the value of righteousness that communicates the need to have the courage to stand up for what is right, with its badappan (dignity) campaign, which used the theme of non-violence. Since 2005, the first of this series was aired, the brand has taken an unconventional route. The brand has portrayed human values like forgiveness by showing a mud soaked young student mimicking his favorite teacher’s dog that has just died.

The idea of portraying different values seems to be working well with people and the connect it builds between a detergent powder and a sense of freedom. Detergent advertising was usually considered anooying in the past, while Surf Excel ad series has been a pioneer in breaking out of that mould.

“Daag Ache Hain” has worked very well for seven years and it almost works as an irony which shows a contradiction for a category that normally talks about cleanliness and whiteness.

“Agar Daag Lagne Se Kuch Acha Hota Hai Toh Daag Ache Hain”- The brand has used this emotional appeal to help it differentiate itself from other brands. It has used mothers as that target audience letting their kids enjoy their freedom without worrying about spoiling their clothes.

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