Wheel Detergent

The wheel detergent brand was established in the year 1987 by HUL (Then HLL) to give competition to the then hot brand “Nirma”. In the year 2004, “Wheel” became the first Indian brand to reach the 1000 Crore mark.

Projected as a product of the masses,”Wheel” detergent today contributes to around 2500 crore or roughly 12% of 20000 crore turnover of HUL.

Indian Laundry sector growing at a CAGR of 20-25 per cent is pegged at INR 13000 crore. The market share is divided amongst three key players of the Industry i.e Rohit Surfactants Ghari detergent powder, HUL’s wheel and Procter and Gamble India’s Tide detergent. Wheel Green is the single largest detergent brand in India in terms of market share and value.

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Year 2012, saw Wheel claiming the number one market share slot in the laundry soap market with an annual sales of 3700 crore in year 2012, against Ghary detergents annual sale of 3500 crore.
In year 2011, as a part of strategic revamp initiatives by HUL, the distribution of Wheel detergent was revamped. Now wheel was supplied across India through 20 supplier owned factories and 6 Lakh new delaers were added in the distribution network.

Talking about marketing of the Brand Wheel, it has been projected as a brand for home makers in India. Active Wheel targets smaller cities and highlights “less washing effort” as its major quality. Wheels “NO Sweat NO effort” campaign shows women led commission, arrests any irresponsible husband who makes his wife sweat washing clothes.

With major segment being targeted , belonging to SEC D and SEC E, wheel detergent advertisement earlier focused on how man earned and women did the household chores with elan using Wheel detergent.

In year 2010, the brand did a first of a kind move for any detergent manufacturer in India by Hiring an A –List celebrity to endorse its products .Mega star Salman Khan is seen dancing to active wheel jingles , giving a fresh appeal to Brands 2 decade long image.

Salman Khan in Wheel Detergent Ad
Salman Khan in Wheel Detergent Ad

Another Milestone in brand’s history has been succesfull implementation of mobile activation campaign in media dark rural areas in year 2010. A mobile number 1800-3000-1599 was advertised on All  India Radio in remote areas of UP and Bihar. When listeners called that number they got auto generated calls which had snippets of humourous conversation between Husband and wife promoting the brand Wheel. After three months of the launching the full campaign in UP and Bihar, more than 5 million missed calls were received from  7.7 Lakh unique numbers. This highlights the brands persistence to maintain a connect with mass audience.

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